List/Pivot table to limit in 500 rows and show paging

I have a table showing 10000 records.
I would like to display the records in paging style.



No option yet :slight_smile:
Naveed Ali

Got it its there in the list visual. On the published dashboard double click on the table and you will have the paging option.

Yes, we don’t have the option to customise the table view page on the 1st load tp show x records.

Anyone can help me if they know the work around.

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Are you grouping this table by the first two columns (i.e does Alabama & Consumer Products have multiple rows in your dataset?)

If you truly want it to be unique rows then you need to transfer all of the columns to the group by.


Hi @nibiyahoo
can we consider this question now resolved? I am marking it as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!

The Question is not resolved.

It’s based on the Pagination property of list view . If we have option to set that value on page load.
Example showing only 1st 30 records and the show paging has shown in my image .

For table visual you can see the paginated view on a dashboard and also set the data rows for each page size (see below). Paginated view is not available for pivot table though you are able to scroll up/down and left/right within visual, so will add that as a feature request.

Let us know if this helps you to address your question.

Thank you