Live Currency Conversion rates

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a way to have a dynamic currency conversion system. Currently, the database only has local currencies, but that makes it harder as I have to convert those local currencies into USD using a calculated field. I am currently doing it this way:

Revenue (USD) = ifelse(country='country1', revenue/4.5, country='country2', revenue/1.2, revenue/20)

The issue is that these exchange rates change on the daily, and often result in the data being slightly incorrect. Is there a way to have a dynamic exchange rate that changes based on the daily exchange rate?

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Hello @rohit_SB, I suppose the only way you could really manage this dynamically would be if you had an exchange rate field in your dataset for each of the currencies. If you refreshed your data daily, and just referenced the exchange rate by max or maxOver Date then you could have that updated each day.

Exchange Rate Euro = ifelse(maxOver({Date}, [{exchange_rate_euro}], PRE_AGG) = {Date}, {exchange_rate_euro}, NULL)

It would require you to bring in those values daily, but it would be able to ensure the most recent exchange rate is being utilized. Let me know if this helps!

Hello @rohit_SB, since we have not heard back from you, I will mark my above response as the solution. Please let me know if you still need assistance with this issue and I can help guide you further. I believe if you can pull in those exchange rates daily, we can make a calculated field work to receive the most recent value. Thank you!