Loading Calculated Field Content is very slow

I am experiencing a very long loading time of showing a content of a calculated field I created.
Usually, after clicking ‘Edit’ on the calculated field option, It’s immediately open the calculated field area.
Today - it is take 10-15 second to open this area.
The internet connection works regular, and others loading times in Quicksite works regular. The ‘edit calculated field content’ is exceptional.
Any explanation for it?


Hi @Eldad_Levi - are you facing the slowness in getting the result of the calculated field or edit option? Can you try in “incognito” mode once also. Ideally edit should not take much time. Are you facing the issue for this calculated ONLY or for other calculated field as well. Give more details around it.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hey @Sanjeeb2022, Thanks for responding.
I have a data set with about 130 calculated fields (All of the are inside the analysis area).
The slow loading time I mentioned occurs in all calculated fields in the data set.

As you suggested, I tried using incontigo mode - buy it didn’t help.
I suspect that is is related to the amount of calculated fields I have. As more calculated fields I have in the data set thus the loading time of each calculated field edit mode should be slowlier?
Any other issue can you think about?

Thanks, Eldad Levi.

Hi @Eldad_Levi - Possibly yes, is it possible to take a copy of the analysis and just keep 10 or 20 calculated field and see the symptom. This will help us understanding whether the slowness is due to number of calculated field or logic of any particular calculated field.

I am also tagging some experts for their views as well @David_Wong @ErikG @DylanM @duncan

Regards - Sanjeeb

Ok I have deleted many of the calculated fields and it helped a lot.
Despite that, I steel need to create all those calculated fields.
Any other solution for this issue?

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Hi @Eldad_Levi - Ok, so reducing the calculated field is helping you to get the response quickly. Can you add more and see whether you are able to see the result or not.

There are 2 reasons from my side which may be a potential reason.

  1. There may be a upper limit of calculated field ( to be honest I am not) but we can validate with AWS QuickSight team. Hi @Kaushik_Damarla - any insights on this.
  2. There may be some calculated field which is developed inefficiently and we have to do hit and trial method to find those fields and see how it can be optimized.

Out of this context, is there any reason you have 100+ calculated fields, the number looks very high to me. if possible can you share some details on the requirement.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @Eldad_Levi
what datasource do you use?
Maybe you can add the calculation on database. Best practices is always keep the logic as close as possible to the data.
As @Sanjeeb2022 said. 130 calculated fields looks a little to much.

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The reason why I created all those calculated fields inside the analysis is because of the fact that they consist of a parameter that is used as a control in the analysis. Creating the parameter in the data set limits me and I couldn’t use it as a control.

Hello @Eldad_Levi, I am also curious, is the dataset you are utilizing on Direct Query or SPICE ingestion? If it is direct query that could also be part of the reason the loading times are slow.

Hi @Eldad_Levi,
I’m just checking in on this question, as we have not heard back from you. Did the responses help? If we do not hear back in the next 3 days, we will archive the question.
Many Thanks,