LOD in Quicksight?

Hi All.

Is there any cases studies where level of detail functions (of Tableau) such as FIXED, INCLUDE, EXCLUDE are mimicked inside Quicksight.


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Hi, we tried to mimic FIXED by using xxxOver functions (SumOver, MaxOver … )
It work for us in most cases


@emilyzhu , FYI. check this.

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Hi, we are going to launch a new suite of function called Level Aware Calculation. It allows you to create aggregate function with specified level independent of visual - similar to the use case of Tableau’s LOD function. It will be launched soon (within a few weeks), and we will announce to the community at that time.
Before that, we have a suite of window functions, as mentioned by @daniel.lazaro that you can mimic the functionality. You can try that as workaround. Using level-aware aggregations - Amazon QuickSight