Log of Analysis Changes

I have an analysis shared with several team members and one of the primary tabs that contains the team visuals was deleted. How can I determine who deleted the tab?

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You can use AWS Cloudtrail to determine that. If you already have the trail created in Cloudtrail, you can navigate to ‘Event history’ and in the first drop-down, select ‘Event name’ and in the second drop-down select ‘UpdateAnalysis’. It will give you all the events by date & time where any analysis were updated (i.e. sheets were added or removed or modified’). And from the ‘User name’ field, you can determind who made the last update.

You can also click on the ‘UpdateAnalysis’ hyperlink to learn more details about the event.

@imaitri is correct - you will see all the updateAnalysis events and the user for each. However, it does not contain info around WHAT they updated, just that they updated it.

Anlayses have unlimited Undo back to the first visual you ever created. This undo history persists across users/sessions/time/etc. So if you have made a lot of changes since then that you want to preserve, this isn’t a good solution, but if you want to just go back to when that sheet still existing you should be able to Undo all the way back to that point.