Logarithmic scale on line charts

Can we get a logarithmic scale for the x-axis with line charts? It looks like it is only available with scatter plots. Either that, or get the x-axis to correctly scale according to the numbers in the x-axis. At the moment the axis is evenly distributed.

@Darryn - Typically we put the dimension in the X Axis and the Values would occupy the Y -Axis. That why the Logarithmic scale option is there in the Y -Axis. It would be good to know your use case on why you are looking for logarithmic scale on X -axis? Thank you!

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We have a function that calculates points based on “things” that happen between 2 times, and these times are not evenly distributed. We use these time differences for the x-axis. Currently it looks like this:

We need it to be logarithmic so that it looks like this:

@Darryn - Unfortunately as documented, this is not currently available in Quicksight Line charts. The Scale property (which basically allows you to select logarithmic scale) is available only on the Value Axes, whereas X Axis is dedicated to dimensions. Please see the below snapshot and corresponding link of the excerpt. Hope this helps!

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Yes, I know this isn’t available, hence I have put it as a feature request. Can this be added?

Yes I’m marking it as a feature request. Thank you