Looking to add Start Date and End Date in an insight

Hi, I am looking to add Start Date and End Date in an insight so the user knows what is the range of the views they are looking at.

Something like:

“The date range of the views below is XXX through YYY”

For the End date I have converted into a Parameter but can’t do the same with Start Date, as it will change my controls.

Any Insights?

What do you mean it will change your controls?

You would need to change it to a parameter. If you change it to a parameter you can add a control based off of that parameter and set up filtering as well.

Hi Max, thanks for the suggestion, I tried it but it’s not working in terms on the date in narrative in QS is showing Epoc date and not sure how to convert it to Date.
Tried this suggestion Need help converting epochdate to MM/dd/yyyy format - #2 by Jesse
but it’s not working for me.
What is the best way to display Date in DateTime in QS narrative?

Hi @Chaitase! Have you tried using formatDate function? Below screenshot show how to display a date parameter in narative view in the MM/dd/YYYY format.



Hi Karthik, thank you for suggestion. I was able to make it work using formatDate.