Make only one column hyperlink to navigate from one dashboard to anotherI

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,I have two dashboard. Dashboard -A & Dashboard-B , I’m trying to make ONLY column as hyperlink so that we can navigate from one Dashboard to another dashboard
I tried using Navigation Action using Menu Option or URL Action using hyperlink, however, when we are clicking on any elements of the row it is routing to another dashboard.
only want elements of single column to be hyperlinked and navigate to different dashboard

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Welcome @sonalim123
please check out:


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Hi @sonalim123
did you found an solution?

Hello @sonalim123 .

As @ErikG provided you with a solution I am marking this topic as solved.

Also remember that as an alternative you have the option to create the action as contextual menu, in that case the user will see the option on any column in the row but the action will be triggered with the context info (value) of that row.

Hope it helps, if you have any further question please otherwise let us know by opening a new question.

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