Managing Peer Review Row Level Security Settings


Hope someone has a work around for the below. I’m creating league tables where managers at certain levels can compare business KPI’s to their Peers across the network but can only see

  • any levels that feed into their own area
  • the rolled up KPI’s for their peers
  • the rolled up KPI for the level above them.

On the attached picture a manager who runs 4a can see 4a1, 4a2 and 4a3 as well as 4b and 4c but cannot see 4b1 to 4b3 or 4c1 to 4c3.

Any help would be great at this point

I think you would just have to have columns for each of these levels and give people access per column.

You can use multiple columns, and multiple values per column in RLS.

@AS_CompassGroup You should be able to do what you describe using Row Level Permissions. More specifically, you will need to create a permissions dataset as described in the previous post by Max. You can then have a column that includes the BusinessUnits or Managerial levels a person has access to.

An example of what that might look like is


You can use GroupName instead of UserName if you have multiple managers in a given level. You can follow the documentation on how to set this up or PM me if you get stuck.

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