Managing Spice Capacity

I am the admin of a small quicksight org. One of our other writers recently left the company. There may have been some datasets they were maintaining that are eating up our spice capacity as all datasets I can see do not add to the total. As I am an admin where do I find a good view of all the current datasets stored in spice and their size, as within the manage quicksight widget the views are terrible and it is quite hard to figure out, plus I cannot view all the datasets

Hello @cmacvicar,

Can you check this post to see if this points you to the right direction?

Hope this helps!

@cmacvicar , you may also consider to find out the dataset own by the previous Author and share with yourself. So that you can see how much SPICE was used.
You may use the assets management interface by following this page QuickSight asset management - Amazon QuickSight

@royyung This does look like what I was looking for but it is not in my panel when I go to manage quicksight tab. Picture attached
Quicksight Admin Panel

@cmacvicar You need to access QuickSight admin console pages via IAM credentials in order to have the capability to have asset manage in QuickSight console