Manipulate Parameters in column names

Hi all,
I have a question about the possibility to use functions to manipulate parameters while using them in column names of a table.

Practically, I have a parameter called DateParam which is type Datetime.
Let’s say I set it 2021-12-25.
I use it to dynamically fill a pivot table.
When I rename my table columns I can choose to use <<$DateParam>> as title, but I’d like to keep only the year in order to set name Christmas 2021.
Do you know if is it possible to apply any function to do this?

Thank you very much!

Hi @fdalpo

In this scenario, “Christmas” is static word or will that get updated dynamically by period ?

By default, when parameter is used as label, it takes the format of date from the parameter configuration and currently we dont have option to modify it on table column headers.

If “Christmas” word is static, you can try adding it Row names, under pivot table formatting.

Hi @Ashok,
thank you for your answer.

‘Christmas’ is static.
Of course I can rename my column ‘Christmas 2021-12-25’ by setting Christmas <<$DateParam>> in the form. I wondered if I could rename my column ‘Christmas 2021’ by setting something like Christmas <<$DateParam>>.getYear(), but you answered me: at the moment It’s not possible.

Thank you very much!