Manipulating datasets using QuickSight API

I just need to edit few of the datasets which does not use custom sql and instead do table loading.
I want to convert them into custom sql and second usecase is convert from rds to athena using QuickSight API.

Is this possible and what functions can I use?


You can use the Glue ETL to migrate your data from RDS to S3 if you want to use Athena and secondly Athena will query your data from S3.

Naveed Ali

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Hi @mufidepalaoglu I’m marking Naveed’s answer as solution. QuickSight API is not the right tool for manipulating datasets. For that, as Naveed said, you can use AWS Glue ETL or AWS Glue DataBrew to output your data to S3 and consume from there. You can also use Amazon Athena to connect to your S3 bucket, or to RDS directly using Athena Federated Query. You might find this blog helpful as an example.

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