Meet the new Community Liaison for Developer Corner

Hi there, Community members! :wave:

My name is Julia Bernstein (@jbernz) and I am your new Community Liaison for the Developer Corner.

I recently joined the AWS QuickSight team in Palo Alto and I’m excited to be your point of contact for embedded analytics/developer inquiries related to the Community. I want to make sure your journey here is as smooth as possible. Don’t be shy, I’d love to get to know you, have a conversation, and/or hear any feedback/questions you may have.

Fun fact: I graduated from Cornell University in May with a degree in Information Science and minors in music and English.

Don’t forget, @Srikanth_Baheti is your Developer Advocate, so reach out to him if you have ideas for technical content on embedded analytics (videos, blogs, etc.) that you’d love to see. Also @Kristin continues to manage the QuickSight Community overall. We’d love to get you connected. :smiling_face:

Reply to this post and tell us what you’d love to see on our new Developer Corner!

Thank you! Happy developing :woman_technologist:

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Welcome, @jbernz as our Developer Corner Liaison and @Srikanth_Baheti as our Developer Advocate!

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