Merge Analysis

I would like to merge 2 analysis into 1 analysis, while each analysis will be a tab in the new analysis.
Is it possible?

Hi Eldad,

It is possible to merge 2 analysis into one. It cannot be done in QuickSight console currently but via QuickSight APIs programmatically. You can use describe-analysis-definition CLI-command/API to get json representation of analysis, extract sheet of interest and use update-analysis CLI-command/API call to push the new version with extracted json sheet element in it. Here is the blog link that explain how to use describe_analysis_definition New Amazon QuickSight API Capabilities to Accelerate Your BI Transformation | AWS News Blog.

Hey, Thanks for responding.
Can you please guide me how to start using QS API?
Currently I do not use it.

Hi Eldad,

You can use CLI or APIs calls in your language of choice as mentioned in Quicksight documentation screenshot below:

Here is list of sample commands you can execute using CLI:

Hi Eldad,

I’m marking Anwar’s response as the solution to this post. Please do let us know in case you have more questions.


Hey, Ill be happy to get a bit deeper guide because I am not a developer, I am data analysts.
I know python,but It is hard for me to start the process.

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