Merge cells with the same data in the column

As shown in the figure, it is necessary to merge the selected areas in the red box.
Can this be achieved.
Could you please help me take a look.
Thank you very much.

Hi @yaomeng -
Welcome to the QuickSight Community! Can you provide more information on the use case and what the merge criteria would be? What is the desired output?

As shown in the above figure,The right side in the figure shows the expected output,Only one column is listed in the figure,Actually, I hope every column is like this.
Merge identical and adjacent data in a row,Just like ‘Mailing List adds’,I don’t know if you understand what I’ve expressed,May I trouble you, hope you understand.

@yaomeng -
It doesn’t appear you want a merge because you want the other columns and row values for those records to appear. Correct? However, you would like a particular dimension value not to replicate. In a table visual, each value will always replicate. If you use a pivot table visual then the value in the column will not repeat. You will see the additional records as you expand.