Merge Datasets

I have two datasets in QuickSight that have the same column names and datatypes. I would like to merge them into a single dataset, similar to how the Union operation works. Is there a way to accomplish this in QuickSight using either the GUI or CLI?

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@ali.ahmad - Unfortunately UNION operation is still not available withing QuickSight. If your datasets are SQL based you can do that in SQL or else it had to be pre-processed before being fed into QuickSight. I know that support for Union and Pivot are on their roadmap, but not yet available. Hope this helps!

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Hi, is there a timeline that can be shared on when this would be available in Quicksight? We are moving our reporting from Power BI to Quicksight, I have about 12 months of data I am trying to merge (all in excel) and would be good to know for my use case.

Hi @akila,

Unfortunately we can’t share our timeline here. There is a simple workaround for your use case. Put all your files in an S3 bucket, then use QuickSight to load the S3 bucket directly or through Athena.

Hope it helps!

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