Migrating a dashboard to use a new datasource

I have built a dashboard off of an existing datasource. I want to migrate that dashboard to another datasource that has all the same fields, can that be done?

you may create a new dataset with the new data source. then you can use API to update dashboard’s dataset ARN pointing to the new one

Hi Arun,
Yes, In the console, choose “New DataSet” and create data source first pointing to your new datasource, then use that to create dataset.
If you like API route,

  1. First create new datasource by using CreateDataSource API. On successful creation, you should have datasource ARN as response text.
  2. Then use CreateDataSet or UpdateDataSet API with the new datasource ARN from #1.
  3. Use CreateTemplate from your analysis,
  4. Now you can either use CreateDashboard or UpdateDashbord API depending on whether you like to create new dashboard with the new datasource or update existing dashboard with new datasource. When doing this step, use the template ARN from #3 and dataset ARN from #2, to create dashboard based on new datasource.

Thank you