Migrating Datasets from one folder to another

Hi Team,
You guys demoed moving datasets across folders via lambda scripts.
But then datasets would be connected to RDS & RDS would be different for each of the envs.

  1. So after copying it over -
    How do we connect the new dataset to a different datasource? Can you please point me to the API ?

  2. Looking at the APIs linked in the References slide
    ( QuickSight API Operations to Control Data Resources - Amazon QuickSight )
    It is not very clear how is the copy happening?
    There are no copy endpoints… There is the create endpoint, but how does it know where to copy the dataset config from ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Roshan_Khandelwal - Once you copied the data set to the desired folder, you can update the data source by update_data_set api. Please find the details in the below documentation. You need write a custom code and possibly have a config file for folder, data source and data source arn.


Hope this information will help you.

Regards - San

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