Migrating the dashboards to a new quicksight account

Hi Community,

We want to migrate all the quicksight dashboards to a new AWS account
How can we achieve it

Hi @Vysh27

Could you please give us the context , why would you like to migrate all dashboards to new account ?

Using QuickSight AssetBundle API we can export all the related assets … say by providing Datasource all the dependant datasets & dashboards can be exported in a zip file and can be imported in the new account . Please find more details in the below blog .


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We are deleting the current AWS account and we are creating a new account
So we want to migrate the dashboards

I’m new to Cloud Actually
How and where do I use these API’s for exporting the assets?

Hi @Vysh27

Ok I would recommend you to try with some simple QuickSight API’s ( Describe*,List*) first to get know the basics . Was there any issue in the current quicksight account ? hoping we will be able to help to resolve any issues .

Please note all the account level configurations needs to done in the new account as well ( SSO , any VPC setup , QuickSight Users , QuickSight Groups , Permissions ) , better to involve your organization cloud admin as well to ensure all the prerequisites are taken care.

Please find the QuickSight Admin workshop link below

Steps to configure CLI in the desktop