Missing rows when unload datasets from ETL to S3

Hi all,

I’m unloading a dataset from ETL to S3 bucket, after run the ETL I got 551392 rows like this

when I got the URL and then upload it on Quicksight then I can only got 321438 rows:

I’ve checked my datasource and there isn’t some prefliterling. I also checked the document which name is “compliance000” in S3 Bucket and there are 551393 rows, but when I uploaded the URL of “compliancenamifest” in Quicksight, there are only 321438 rows imported into Quicksight. Also, I uploaded 5 datasets on Quciskight, just 2 of them which are too large have this issue that some rows are missing, the others just have about 50000 rows are imported successfully.
So what can I do to solve this?

Thanks in advance :blush:


can you please check the duplicate rows, joins id etc ?