Missing Search Ba and Save As Option for Cost and Usage Dashboard?

I am currently using the new Cost and Usage dashboard. However when watching the presentation at re-invent, the product manager demonstrates how to create a new analysis and customize his own panel. He uses a search bar the header of the page and also has a save as option to save the changes on his dashboards. However while using the feature, I realized these options are not available, but I cannot understand why? Does someone know what I can do to enable these features on the cost and usage dashboard?

Here is my cost and usage dashboard above and the the presentation’s dashboard below, notice the search bar, and floppy disc icon

Hi @cquiles – Can you please add your dashboard’s screenshot? The youtube video’s dashboard is the only screenshot that got uploaded.
The search box that you see in the video comes after subscribing for Quicksight Q and enabling a topic. This video walks you through the process of subscribing and enabling Quicksight Q.

Hey thank you for the response! @awsvig

Interesting! Is Quicksight Q a specific type of subscription? Is it possible it is required to have this specific subscription to be able to have the search bar and save as option? I currently have the 30 day free trial and those options are not included apparently.

Yes, its the only screenshot because I was only allowed to upload one file when posting. If you look closely as stated above, in the screenshot, my header (no search bar) is above the header from the video (includes the search bar). I will provide a screenshot of my header by itself.

Thanks again!

Hi @cquiles - Yes. If you are planning to get Enterprise Subscription, you can also choose to add QuickSight Q to your subscription. To add QuickSight Q to your subscription, choose Enterprise + Q. Detailed steps are here.

Thanks @awsvig I figured it out. Thank you for the guidance. I am really enjoying the results of the cost and usage dashboard.

However it seems I am only able to get 6 months of information into a dashboard instead of the full 12 months of a year. Is that expected?

Here is an example of a small panel in a dashboard I created for our total savings and reserved instance cost, but I would like the full 2023 year instead of the past 6 months.

Please let me know if I should open another issue instead? Thanks!

@awsvig i think the issue is I need to adjust the dataset in quicksight to create from a full year for the cost and usage dashbaord and not only 7 months, is that possible? If so how is that done?

@cquiles - Can you please post this as a new question since its different from the original ask?

yeah definitely thanks @awsvig