Mobile version for free-form design layout


Is it possible to design a different version of the dashboard for smaller (mobile) screensizes? The Free-Form layout is great, but creates trouble on smaller screens.

Kind regards

If you design your dashboard using the Tiled layout (rather than free-form), the dashboard will be optimized for the smaller mobile devices show visuals in a vertical stacked view. More details can be found in this blog post - Amazon QuickSight announces the all-new QuickSight Mobile app | AWS Big Data Blog

Thanks. But it’s not really an option since the report needs visuals that should be replaced based on a filter. This doesn’t work with the Tiled layout.

Would also be happy if there’s an alternative method to using the free-form layout to replace a visual…

Hi! Conditional rules to render visualizations are only available in free-form layout. If you share more details on your use case, I may be able to offer other suggestions on approach.