Modify query and re-run based on a selection on a dashboard

I have a query that returns data for a single person. That data is displayed in a Dashboard. I’d like to be able to type in a name / select a name on the Dashboard and have the query re-run for that newly selected user.

What I have done before, was to query the data for all users, and then put a filter on the Dashboard that lets you filter the data down to 1 person. That seems highly inefficient in that it’s grabbing data for 100,000 people when it only needs 1.

Any help on this would be HIGHLY appreciated!


If you are doing this in SPICE it won’t be inefficient because the data has already loaded.

However, if you are doing this via a direct query there is new feature out in the beta version of quicksight that you can set up parameters at the dataset level and use them in the custom sql.

You can then use this parameter in your dashboard / analysis.

Thank you Max. I’ll check that out.
The Spice issue was more of one where I need the data that is displayed to be pretty current, so if I loaded it into Spice, I was going to have to do a 1 hour refresh. If that refresh was going to be for 100,000 people (every hour) then that was excessive for just trying to grab data on a single person. If the above works, that seems to be a solution. Thank you kindly.

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