MOM increase rate

Hi, I am trying to build a dashboard to evaluate sales monthly performance. I would like to create an overview KPI like chat on top of the dashboard to show this month’s avg increase rate.
How can I only show the most recent (max(month)) increase rate? It will return error if I am only choose one month. In below screenshot, I only want to show user the most recent which is Dec’s increase rate.
Thanks for the help! The calculation I am using is: periodOverPeriodPercentDifference(avg({attain_running_total}),monthstartdate,MONTH,1)

Can you add a trend group to the kpi?

It will automatically detect the two most recent months which is how you will calculate a increase / decrease.

Thanks for the reply! But I will need to create a table to include other similar info like: YOY increase%, 3 month avg. etc.

Is there way to achieve that?

Hi Cindy! You can use the table visualization to show all the metrics you want and apply a filter to only show most recent (max) month.

Thanks Kellie! It is working