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I have the filter ‘Date Hider’. I want to plot a bar chart for last 6 months metrics .

If I select The month March, I should be able to see last 6 months sales metrics . How to achieve this ?
Here is the arena link:-

Hi Liya101, if your end goal is to view last 6 months of data, you can also use relative date filter

Here are the instructions:

  1. Edit the ‘Date Hider’ filter and set it to show a relative date range of last 6 months
  2. Add a bar chart visualization to the dashboard
  3. Set the Value field of the bar chart to ‘Sales’
  4. Set the filter of the bar chart to ‘Date Hider’ This will show a bar chart with the last 6 months of sales data. When you select March as the month in the ‘Date Hider’ filter, it will show the last 6 months with March being the most recent month.
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Hi @imaitri
Thanks for your response.
I want to give the user the option of selecting the month rather than giving the option last 6 months .


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Hi @liya101

If I understand your requirement, then you can try the following:

  1. Create a new “datetime” parameter “pEndMonthDate” and add an associated datepicker control “cEndMonthDate” which sets the relative date from which the filter will apply
  2. Create a new “integer” parameter “pFilterMonthCount” and add an associated slider control
  3. Create the Date Hider filter as follows:
    a. Relative dates filter type
    b. Period: Months
    c. Range: Last N Months
    d. Check the “Use Parameters” box
    e. Select the pFilterMonthCount parameter
    f. Set Dates relative to: Date and time from a parameter
    g. Select the pEndMonthDate parameter

The filter should look like this

This should then give you a configurable date for which to display bars for the previous N months, something like this:

Let me know if this helps and mark my reply as a solution if so.

Many Thanks,

Hi @abacon ,

Thank you for your response.

This would give the option of selecting a date to the user.
I want to give the option of selecting a list of months ( january, february) rather than selecting a date ( jan 1 , 2020).