Monitoring Visuals - Listing Visual ID Name

Hi. I would like to monitor visuals using the metrics on cloudwatch.

However, on cloudwatch, visuals are labeled using the visual IDs which makes it difficult for me to tell which ID is pointing to which visual.

Sample image from the AWS guide which shows very long visual IDs “da65…” : Monitor your Amazon QuickSight deployments using the new Amazon CloudWatch integration

Is there an easy way for me to find/ list which visual ID belongs to which visual on my dashboard?

I did find a way by going to the dashboard, then clicking on “embed” - but this means I have to click through each one of the visual. Is there a better way?

Hi @sabmz

I can understand the challenges here to manually find the visual using ID. I am marking this as feature request to have naming’s available along with asset ID.

Instead of embed, you can go to the dashboard and click on visual ellipsis and select Summarize visual metadata


This shows information of Dashboard, sheet and visual IDs. Again this is manual.

Another alternative is building custom utility, using QuickSight enhanced APIs.

Describe analysis API : describe-analysis — AWS CLI 1.29.62 Command Reference

You can describe analysis using above API call, which give complete description of Analysis in Json export and parsing the Json and storing information of Dashboard, Sheet, visual and their names in S3 or writing into DB. And then you can bring that into QuickSight as dashboard to visualize.
You can automate this to perform same across all Dashboard/Analysis and use it for quick tracking.

Demo video :

Thanks @Ashok for the suggestion. It seems that my visuals do not have the “summarize visual metadata” option - is it only for certain types of visuals?


Hi @sabmz this post suggests that this is a beta feature and is not yet generally available.