Month over Month % Change

Hi All - looking for help on how to do what’s in the title. Here are my data points in a bar chart, looking to add a line showing % change month by month. Can’t seem to figure it out - any ideas?

I have a date field, and a sum(field) basically - thanks!

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You can achieve this by using the PeriodOverPeriod functions on calculated fields. Here is the documentation: periodOverPeriodDifference - Amazon QuickSight

Hello @ryanalbanamazon - Happy New Year! You can try to create a calculated field using the periodOverPeriodPercentDifference function. Please see the below calculation and snapshot for your reference. Hope this helps!

periodOverPeriodPercentDifference(sum(Sales), {Order Date}, MONTH, 1)

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When I add this as a line, my visual goes blank and this error pops up

Can you check my error below? That’s what happened when I added as a line - ty!

Hi @ryanalbanamazon

Are you still facing this issue ? . Could you validate if column is of datatype date ? .
Also if I understand this correctly, you are seeing this error in the analysis.