Month to Date Revenue Display


I need to aggregate revenue for current month and show month over month percentage change. Is it possible to show the aggregated revenue month to date and show month over month change? Example: on November 24th I need to show what’s aggregated revenue for November and compare it to aggregated revenue that was on October 24th. I would like to display value for those two days.
Issue: I can do that when I display all days for October and November. Whenever I want to filter out to where I just see today’s day it just shows the revenue for current day and not month to date revenue. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

You could look at the periodToDate functions. For example periodToDateSum would give you the sum up to a specific enddate.
In this article (see the PeriodToDate section), I use periodToDateSum to get data up to a specific day of the month. My example compares the previous year (so November 2022 vs November 2021), but you would just need to change the period to MONTH to compare November to October.
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