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Hello community,

I have a big data set with dates, values and id like this:
Date ID Value
Apr-1 1 Y
Apr-5 1 N
Apr-11 2 Y
Apr-5 3 N

I would like to do a calculation that gives the last record (in terms of date) of “Value” per ID.
In the table that I used as an example, for ID = 1, the calculated field should give “N” as a result.

I am exploring “LastValue” formula but I am not sure that this is the good approach ?

Thank you


you can you the maxOver function, read this document.


Thank you Naveed,
But actually, my “Value” it is not a number/integer it is a string.
So I cannot aggregate it…

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Yes you should use lastValue.

[Date ASC],
[ {id}]