Moving Calculated Fields Rows to Columns

Hello Community,
I have a question for you all. I build a P&L for my team and utilized the period over period function and period over period % function as a calculated field. However presentation wise my team would like to have it next to the respective column. For example MoM Delta for be next to the respective row.

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Hello @Sebastian_Campos, can you send an anonymized screenshot of how you are populating the field well values for the pivot table? I believe the best way to resolve this would be to have the date field in the columns field well, then you could add the revenue, MoM Rev, and MoM % in the values so they would show all within the same column, side by side. It seems like this would require you to add another value into your group by field well, but it should resolve this issue.

Hi @DylanM
Please see attached.

Hello @Sebastian_Campos, you need to add a dimension to the Rows of the pivot table so it has access to the group buy functionality. You could also switch the visual to a regular table instead of a pivot table, have the Month Date as the row and then add your field values. That would be closer to your desired output.

Hello @Sebastian_Campos, since we have not heard back from you with any remaining questions, I will mark my previous response as the solution. With a value added to the Rows of your pivot table or switch to a regular table visual, you should be able to have more success with this issue. Let me know if I can guide you any further. Thank you!

Hi Dylan thanks for the reply. My apologies, I was OOO for some of the days last week. I get the error “Custom aggregation is not allowed as a dimension” and When I change it to a table my management team wants it in columns not rows.

Hello @Sebastian_Campos, in that case, the best suggestion I have would be to add the calculated fields on the dataset and see if it bypasses the errors on the analysis.