Moving shared folder into another shared folder

I’m trying to move one shared folder into another shared folder. I am an owner of both.
However, I do not see any UI elements that allow me to do this. The hamburger menu only shows “Share, Rename, Delete”. Dragging the folder does not work either.

I would assume there is a way to organize folders after creation. I can build nested folder structures during “folder creation” so assume this move functionality exists.

Hopefully, I’m just not seeing the obvious button for this :slight_smile:

Hello @oek - Thank you for your post. You are correct in your observation. there’s no move button. This is I believe because in QuickSight Folders are primarily leveraged to build the permission tree and used as tag rather than physical allocation of assets as you can add a QuickSight asset (dashboard, dataset or analyses) to multiple folders without duplicating it. Although, I am certain that you probably have already gone through it, however still sharing the detailed blog post that QuickSight has related to Folders.

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Thanks for your reply.
In my opinion, that seems very odd as it means there is no “true” way to organize dashboards and assets in QuickSight with the folder focus being on permissions. I understand that I can recreate the folder structure, but this voids folder URLs that I have previously shared with people.
Anyhow, thanks for the help.

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