Mulitple filters on same field

Hi, I have 2 sheets in my dashboard where the “1st sheet” is called “city details “ .in here there is a map of country with cities marked.and few other charts.In my “2nd sheet” is called “cityviewer” where i have a added a filter dropdown to select a city and view details related to it.

My task is to view my 2nd sheet ,filtering city from dropdown and also i want to add a navigation action from 1st sheet to 2nd sheet, so that when click on a city dot it will goto 2nd sheet and filter relavant data.

But im facing a issue using both these filters in same sheet because the filters are applied on same field i have to enable and disable the other each time. is there any way to do this?

It seem that you have added a filter on the map visual in the “1st sheet” that is using the parameter that you are setting in the navigation action. You should make sure you remove this filter so that the 1st sheet is not filtered after you have chosen a city

But in my use case ,i need that too. So a user can also go to the map click on a city and get details filtered out for that city and also to filter a city from dropdown if user knows the cityname exactly he wants to look at.

If I understand your use case correctly, then you could set up 2 parameters. You would use $parameter1 in the drop down control.

The navigation action should set $parameter2 to the selected city and clear $parameter1 by setting it’s value to ALL.

Then in the second sheet, add two filters - one for each parameter.

If I misunderstood your use-case, please provide some screen shot of each sheet and the filters you have set up - ideally highlighting the issue you are hitting.

I tried to do the above one,but still not getting the expected results.

Here are the ss of my workbook.
$Parameter1 = test1
$parameter2 = abtest

This is the “sheet 1” with the map.i have used $abtest for navigation ,and used $test1 with ALL

For “sheet 2” used $test1 and added its as a Control then a dropdown filter was added. (Filter1)

Next another filter(filter 2) was added to complete navigation action.

Below are the two filters in “sheet 2”

The result is ;

I can filter from the drop down and get relavant details -no issue
But when click on the map and navigate to 2nd sheet I get all the info,not info abt the clicked dot.something like this.

And also i couldnot find a option to clear$parameter1 by setting it’s value to ALL .
I can only add ‘ALL’.


Any suggestions anyone? running out of time :-\

Based on the following ( Actions : Using Navigation to another sheet to filter a visual + filtering additional values by manual selection )
City Details Sheet : Action Navigation (parameter = pactioncity ) when clicked on a city in the Map → Filters data on Cityviewer Sheet
Cityviewer sheet :
Parameter ( pcity ) is used as a control which is linked to a city field in the dataset.
Select the city to view details
Cityviewer Sheet : Visual is now filtering for cities based on navigation from City Details sheet / Filter from Cityviewer
Navigation City Details

Filtering set to visual in Cityviewer
below example > CityDetails , i clicked on Brazil in the map

Hi, currently, you can only apply one action (either a nevigation action or a filter action) at a time. We are working on a feature to combine different actions together this year.
As a workaround, you can try apply one parameter control, and in the two sheets, link two filters to that same parameter. In that case, when you select a city from the parameter control, the two sheet would be at the same time filtered. The drawback for this solution is that you are not able to apply negivation. Users would need to click the target sheet themselves.
Another workaround you can use, is to bring the visuals to the same sheet, apply the filter to both visuals and use cascading filters. The benefit of using cascading filter is that you can directly click in the source visual (map) rather than having to use the control.