Multi axis bar chart


I am trying to create a multi axis bar chart like the multi axis line chart, is this feature available.

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Hi sherif.elshaer,

This is possible with the clustered/stacked bar combo charts. If you add a field to both the bars and lines field wells you can create a bar chart that has two y-axes.

Does that answer your question?

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your response, unfortunately when I do that, the other axis is for a line chart, in my use-case I needed to have 2 bars clustered together but with sperate axis, is that possible?

Hi sherif.elshaer,

This is not an available feature in QuickSight. I will flag this post for review for a feature request.

By Multiple axis, did you mean second Y axis? That feature is supported on Line charts. Please check the bottom section of the document. The feature is called Dual axis line chart. Using line charts - Amazon QuickSight