Multi-page PDF Schedule

I have an interactive dashboard created where one of the sheets has a table with more than 1000 rows. When I try to schedule this sheet in PDF, under “Content” it says “Single-page document”. Refer screenshot below.

Is it because my AWS account does not have “paginated reporting” add-on? or
Is it because QuickSight not support multi-page PDF in general yet as mentioned in the other post?


It’s the former, this account does not have Paginated Reporting. After enabling the add on you will be able to create a report that can print to PDF up to 1000 pages.



Ok. Thank you for the response.


Hi @BindiyaThota - Can you please mark @Rahul_Easwar suggestion as solution so that it can help other community members.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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I have the added the multi-page subscription to my account and added a new Author but the subscription starts next month and cannot be set earlier ? I would like to use this immediately. Do I really have to wait 30 days ???