Multi-page Report Schedule

I am trying to setup a scheduled report to be delivered by email. I have one tab where the user sets the filters for the report and a second tab for the filtered multi-page report. When designing this report the multi-page report data is filtered and parameters display in Text elements just fine.
However once I publish and open as a dashboard the filters and parameter are not visible on the mutli-page tab - shows on the defaults (All) not the selected filters that are manually changed.

My expectation is to be able to use the filters to define a report that can be scheduled and emailed automatically. Seems the filters are not being respected nor is the report being attached as a file…


When you say that the filters are applied, can you please make sure that the filters are not applied just on the interactive sheet. The filters for reports are different from Interactive sheet and needs to be applied on the report before publishing and then scheduling for emails.

I have tested by creating filters on a table in a report sheet and publishing it and scheduling it with out being able to replicate what you are running into.

The steps are:

  1. Create a report sheet with a visual/table
  2. Create a filter and apply filter from the filter pane
  3. Publish Dashboard/Report
  4. Schedule report delivery
  5. Check that the delivered out put is filtered based on the filter applied during publishing.

If you are unable to achieve this, then I recommend you to open a support ticket and our team will be able to look into this issue.

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Thank you for your suggestions - Just for more clarity here is my current model.

Filtering accomplished using parameters in the dataset.

  1. relative date set as default value (last 2 months)
  2. Account name (default value ACME Medical)
    So does the Report need to be published as a Dashboard for each account ??

Should the Email notification not include the report as PDF when “file attached” is selected ?
Currently only sends a screenshot and link to the Dashboard.

Hello @alQemay, are you still experiencing issues with sharing the reports? If so, am I clear that the main issue is the dashboard or the emailed version of the dashboard are not being filtered based on the default values set to the parameters?

I just want to make sure I fully understand the problem that is occurring. Also, when you say default, you aren’t referring to a value you set in the control before publishing but rather a default value set to the parameter that the control sets a value for, correct?

Hello @alQemay, I just wanted to follow up since we have not heard back from you. I know there was a delay for a response, but if we don’t hear back in 3 more days I will go ahead and archive this topic.