Multi select visualization as a filter

As a user, when a grid is used as a source to filter a target visualization, I want to select multiple rows as filter inputs. It looks like QS only supports the ability to select 1 row at a time.

Hi @zduguay, I believe you would like to use a table visual (and a filter action) to select multiple lines in the table visual and filter the other visuals. I’ve built this example which shows one row “Product: Alchemy” selected?

If so, then you’re correct that you can only select 1 row at a time. However this post may provide a method to achieve this. Please take a look and see if it provides a solution for your use case.

Hi @abacon,
Thank you for the response, this fulfills some of the need I was looking for. However, in some ways it doesn’t interact as a filter would. I need something that would default to All, then can either focus on 1 or remove individual selections similar how list filters work. I do see value in this and have some use cases where it can be applied.

Hi @zduguay, thank you for providing extra details, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers and your feedback helps us build a better service. As per the referenced post, we have noted this in our internal feature request tracker and I will also mark this question as a feature request. Many Thanks, Andrew

@abacon, I figured out how to include a ‘Select All’ default and will comment on the linked post. For the feature request it should be noted that this functionality is desired for all visualizations, not only non-pivot grids that this currently works for.

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