Multi Value Parameter not working when selecting All options


I have a multi-value parameter that I’m using to display fields in a graph. I’m using it in combination with the “in” function.
something like:
ifelse(in(‘Value 1’, $Multi-ValueParameter), Field1,NULL)
My issue is, while it works when selecting multiple fields, once I select all the fields, none of them show up.

what should I pass to my calculated field in order to display the fields when all of them are selected?

Here’s what I thought:
ifelse(in(‘Value 1’, $Multi-ValueParameter) OR in(‘ALL_VALUES’, $Multi-ValueParameter), Field1,NULL)

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Hi @EduardoMelo
could you check the following

ifelse(in(NULL, $Multi-ValueParameter), NULL , Field1)

Could work, but I don’t believe it’s applicable to this use case.
Let me provide a bit more context, but thanks for the help so far.

I have a bar chart with multiple variables (5 in total). Each of the variables comes from calculated fields, following the logic I provided in my first message.
As long as I don’t pick all of them at the same time, the logic works fine. If I select all five, though, the logic stops working and none of the variables show up in the chart.

Given it doesn’t work when I select all the options (variables) I thought I’d need something like this for every calculated field:

ifelse(in(‘Value 1’, $Multi-ValueParameter) OR in(‘ALL_VALUES’, $Multi-ValueParameter), Field1,NULL)

Using your suggestion, I could end up showing a variable whenever any variable is picked, or am I wrong?

Hi @EduardoMelo
did you find a solution?

Hello @EduardoMelo !

Was @ErikG 's suggestion helpful, and if so could you mark their comment as a solution to help the community, or were you able to find a different solution?

It has been some time since we have heard from you but we would still like to help you find a solution. If we do not hear from you in the next 3 business days this topic will be archived.

It did. It worked. Thanks @ErikG!

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Thats great! I’ve marked Eriks post as a solution.