Multi-value parameter support for "Contains" type of filter condition

In drop down control we have distinct values (and we want multi-value support as well). But in actual data set which is used for visual has comma separated values. So we want to use “Contains” type of filter. But QuickSight is not allowing “Contains” filter for multi-select filter/parameter.

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Hello @sanjay_dhanave, unfortunately, I do not believe there is a solution for this exact use case. I know there are options for managing fields with comma separated values and filtering them based on a single value parameter, but QuickSight does not have a way to manage them with a multi-value parameter like this.

I think you have 2 options to achieve the closest possible solution. You would either need to allow for only a single value parameter. Then you could utilize the contains in the filter, or use contains() in an ifelse statement based on the parameter value to filter your data. The other option is to break out your comma separated values so only a single value exists in a field, then you can use multi-select with a filter condition of equals.

I know this is not exactly what you were looking for, but those are the currently available solutions. I will mark this work-around as such for now, but I will also tag this as a feature request for our support team. Thank you!