Multiple Datasets to be connected like "relationship" than "join"

I had recently created a tableau report which had data from multiple tables and used its “relationship” feature to be able to link the data at time line level and create calculated fields. This functionality is missing in QuickSight, and having to create multiple cross joins with the given list of data sets is not showing up the right numbers in the visual. Is there any work around for this? Or is it suggested to have multiple datasets created on QS where each dataset will focus on 1 level of calculation? Thanks.

Hi Gauri, are you able to explain your use case with an example?

At the moment QuickSight does not provide the “relationship” feature (which Tableau has added in the last 2 years, if I remember correctly). At the moment you would need to define multiple datasets with different joins, depending on the data used in different visuals.

We have discussed providing similar functionality in QuickSight.