Multiple FIELDS in VALEU section of Pie Chart

I want to add multiple column name under VALUE section in pie chart. It is giving an error of “This Field can’t accept any more fields.”
How to solve this issue??

The columns I want to add is 0 to 90 Days, 91 to 180 Days, 181 to 270 Days and so on.

You need to unpivot your data in order to have 2 columns instead of 5.
One column “period” that contains “0 to 90 days” etc, and one column that contains the value associated

Thanks Eva,
To my understanding you are saying the wrap the other data as “Drill Down Layer”.
But I don’t want to show the data as Drill Down. Every period should come in first instance.

The thing that you want to measure should go in “Value”. Your categorization, i.e. the slices of your pie chart, should go in “Group/Color”.

If you don’t already have a field that represents the slices of your pie chart, you have to create one. Something like this:
Category = ifelse(
{days} > 365, ‘365+ Days’,
{days} > 270, ‘271 to 365 Days’,
{days} > 180, ‘181 to 270 Days’,
{days} > 90, ‘91 to 180 Days’,
‘0 to 90 Days’

Then put Category in “Group/Color” and put whatever you want to measure in “Value”.

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No this won’t be a drill down layer, you will have one column that is a group (blue) and one that is a measure (green), as David said.

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Thanks David. I hope this will work fine.

hope it works . Thanks Eva