Multiple Measures in a Custom Narrative Visual Possible?

Is there a way to allow a custom narrative visual to contain more than one measure? In my use case, I would like to display more than one measure in my custom narrative visual. I can add multiple dimensions to the Categories, but it seems like I can only bring over one numeric measure attribute at a time into the Values shelf. Are there any workarounds for this, or can I raise this as a feature request for the custom narrative visual type?

Hi bkasen , Seems you are trying to customize narrative and as part of that you want to have multiple measures to provide insight text, If that’s the case .

  1. Make sure you have all required metrics in Field Wells of your Insights where you are building narrative e.g

  2. In Customize narrative editor , select Computation you want to perform e.g
    Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 12.37.44 PM

  3. Add/Define Insights text for your metric and apply necessary rules you have e.g

  4. Apply the changes and you can have Insights with multiple measures as shown in below example -
    Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 12.39.39 PM

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Neeraj - When I try to drag the second metric into the Values well, I get an message that says the Values well cannot accept any more values. I wonder if this is because both values are Custom calculations, and that is limiting my ability to bring in more than one calculation?

Brian , Take a look at your data grain and categories you are pulling for your use-case, It might be causing an issue . I can pull multiple multiple metric and two are calculated ones -
Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 1.30.13 PM

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Thanks. It looks like you can only have one dimension in the Categories well if you want to have multiple measures in the Values well. After changing the Categories well to just one String attribute, I was able to bring in the desired Custom Measures into the Values well.

@Neeraj - related question on the custom narrative. We are looking to bring through multiple descriptive dimensions, so that we can compose a multi-dimensional narrative.

It looks like only one dimension can be added to the Categories shelf, in the above example only Industry is there, but I’d like to also bring in as a category Company Size.

This would allow us to display Sales metrics grouped either by Industry or Company Size in the same narrative block.

The current work around is to create separate narratives one for Industry and one for Company Size, but I’d love to know if it’s possible or will be possible to bring more than 1 dimension into the custom narrative as a Category that could be used for group bys.