Multiple Owners of a dataset

After uploading a dataset from Athena and joining other tables, only the user who created the dataset can edit the joined tables (update, add new ones, etc). is there a way to allow other authors / co-owners to prep the data?

You can specify multiple owners of a data set. So do this:

  1. Navigate to the data sets section
  2. Click on the data set you want to add ownership to
  3. Click on the share button
  4. Identify the other owners
  5. Change their permission from User (the default) to owner

Thanks, the problem was that ALL datasets need to have permissions and we had a schema of a couple.

Adding on to this; if you have a dataset that is joined with other data within QuickSight, your users will be unable to view / edit the joins unless they also have owner level permission of the underlying datasource. You can add users as an an owner of the underlying datasource by going into the datasets page, click the new dataset button and when you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can see the data sources in your QuickSight account. After clicking on your datasource you will be able to add a user the same way you would have when you added them to the dataset.