My dashboard shows 4tabs but Analysis has 6 tabs. Both templates I created each shows 6 tabs. Dashboard template seems to be incorrect , how to sync this?

creating a template for dashboard takes analysis ARN as parameter. But, analysis has 6 tabs.
I don’t understand how Dashboard only shows 4 tabs while all other info shows 6 tabs.

how to create a DS template so it shows only 4 tabs like what I see from Dashboard?

DEV - > STG case,

My DEV’s dashboard shows 4 tabs, and Analysis shows 6 tabs
Once migrated to STG, I see the STG dashboard shows 6 tabs and Analysis shows 6 tabs.
So, this is the problem. STG Dashboard should show only 4 tabs.

In DEV, I see there are two templates. One for Analysis and another for Dashboard
When I describe-template, I see both of them have 6 tabs.
Now, I want to re-create a template for Dashboard but the argument for that function uses Analysis ARN. So, I think it will create 6 tabs again.

I don’t know how to re-create the template for Dashboard on the DEV side that has the sync-ed info. ???

Have you published only 4 tabs in your dashboard?

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Hi @tbdori

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I believe this is the correct answer for normal cases.

But, what I see in my side (migrated resources via Python sdk), I can’t choose that ‘Replace an existing dashboard’ option. I checked and confirmed I have full permission( co-owner ) for the analysis but still it’s disabled for me.

Can anyone confirm this after migrating an analysis via Python sdk and try ?

Hi @tbdori

When you create an analysis / dashboard programmatically it doesn’t allow for linking of a dashboard to say “Replace an existing dashboard”.

I can mark this as a feature request.

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thanks for confirming it.

Then, what to do in this case ?

My scenario is at the bottom.