Overwrite current dashboard URL with new analysis

I would like to publish a new dashboard to an existing URL that is created from a new analysis

Hi @afryc

Every dashboard has a unique ID which is part of the dashboard URL. From the original source analysis, you can publish a new version of the dashboard, but you cannot publish a new version of the dashboard from a different analysis using the console.

However, you can use UpdateDashboard API/CLI to update a new dashboard version from a different/new analysis.
You can only update a dashboard from a template, so you use a SourceTemplate entity. If you need to update a dashboard from an analysis, first convert the analysis to a template by using the [CreateTemplate](https://docs.aws.amazon.com/quicksight/latest/APIReference/API_CreateTemplate.html) API operation.

  1. Note the dashboard ID (alphanumeric values following dashboards/. For example, ‘ssddffr-b531-eeee-ad34-eeeee’ is the dashboard ID of dashboard ‘https://us-east-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com/sn/dashboards/ssddffr-b531-eeee-ad34-eeeee’).

  2. Create a template of the new analysis.

  3. Use UpdateDashboard API/CLI with source-entity as the template.

  4. Updating a Dashboard creates a new dashboard version but does not immediately publish the new version. You can update the published version of a dashboard by using the [UpdateDashboardPublishedVersion](https://docs.aws.amazon.com/quicksight/latest/APIReference/API_UpdateDashboardPublishedVersion.html) API operation.

Hi @rajjaya

Thanks for the response!

I attended office hours today and was told that this solution will not work since the dashboard and analysis are under the Amazon BI AWS account. Are there any other solutions?

Hi @afryc

I have sent you a message.