My dataset is only displaying data for January 1st and 2nd

I am having trouble visualizing my dataset in quicksight and i’m expecting the data to be similar to Cost Explorer visualize. Specifically, I want to view my costs over time, but the visualization only seems to show data for two days. I have tried to analyze the data, but I am still encountering the same issue. I have even tried to start over and perform a manual full refresh, but this hasn’t resolved the problem. Is there something that I may have overlooked in order to get the visualization to display all of my data?

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 10.43.13 AM

Hi @lavaniya, I’ll need a bit more information to help you. What data is it that isn’t displaying? Do you see that data in the data preparation area (click on DataSets, click the three dots next to your dataset and click “edit”. And what visualisation type are you using?

I can visualise this type of data. My motive is to view data for the entire month of January to March 21st but here i able to view jan 3th & 4th data

Hi @lavaniya, the data preparation area only shows a preview of the data, not the entire data set, as this is an area for you to do things like check you have the right column names and data types, add calculated fields and join with other datasets.
If you want to visualise your data you would create an analysis, and there you can see all of your data, or filter it to show just the months you need.
I suggest you have a look at Guide to QuickSight Learning Resources which will guide you through from getting started to advanced topics.
Thanks for using the QuickSight Community, and happy learning!