My Themes greyed-out

Hi All

I created “my themes”, but now it’s greyed-out, I can’t apply it. How do I rectify?

Can you please send screenshots the themes you have created for us to understand the problem?

Hi there,

The blues is greyed out.


I believe it’s because this theme isn’t shared with you. You will need the owner to give you access.

I have this problem and I do not believe the issue is down to who the theme is shared with i.e. not me.

Here is a screenshot from the analysis where I created the theme showing that the theme is shared with me:

But any other analysis I go to the theme is grayed-out:

(I have a screen shot but haven’t posted enough to include it here.)

Not sure, but it looks like a bug, or if not the method to unlock the theme for use elsewhere doesn’t appear to be documented.

I logged in and out and something happened, the theme unlocked for usage. I will continue to test and post results here.

EDIT: So I created a second theme (by saving the first theme under a new name) and this was immediately accessible. This seems to suggest that there is a problem when someone creates a theme having never created one before. Thankfully my company has multiple QS accounts so I can try this. I will do so and post further findings here.

FINAL EDIT: So, I tried this in a separate AWS Account where I hadn’t created a theme. Sure enough, after I created a new theme it was not deployable until I had signed out of the account and then signed back in again. So, probably not intended behaviour but easy enough to work around. Maybe worth someone on QS team chucking this minor bug in the backlog though.

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