Namespace after user creation?

I’m currently working with only one production QuickSight account so I can’t convert to SSO and start using namespaces yet. But I have a question related to namespaces:

If user within a namespace has right to invite new user to quicksight, in which namespace is the new user created into? Does it go to Default or the same namespace than the user who invited new user?

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Custom namespaces are only accessible through federated single sign on users. Hence for your question, if an invitation is sent to register for Amazon QuickSight, the user is created in a default namespace .
( Supporting multitenancy with isolated namespaces - Amazon QuickSight )

Once custom namespaces are implemented ( CreateNamespace - ) , you can register the users beforehand through API calls and at that point the namespace ( mandatory ) detail has to be provided.
( RegisterUser - )

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