Namespace limitation

Hello, Namespace was designed to support multi tenants case, but have a 100 namespaces limitation. For SaaS business, as the business grow will eventually over the 100 companies using that, and very easy to go over 100 limits.

Does QuickSight team has any comments why there is a limitation there, and what’s the factor if we are looking for increase the namespace? For SaaS, is there any greenlight will definitely be able to increase namespaces limit?

I try to find that out before diving too deep. Thank you.

Hi @sd2020

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Default 100 namespace limit per QuickSight account is a softlimit and can be increased further upon reviewing architecture and use case. Would recommend to talk to your AWS QuickSight solution architect to further increase the namespace limit . Please ping me privately with the AWS Account ID & Account Name if you don’t have QuickSight solution architect contact details.

Ta for the quick reply. May I know how can I ping you privately?

Hi @sd2020,

Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and you should see an envelope icon 4 down. Double click on the envelope icon, which will redirect you to another page, and on the right you should see a button that says New Message.