Narrative editor - can't insert lines above/before first "block for" or "block if"

Whenever a “block for” or “block if” is the first element of a narrative, without a new line preceding it, there is no way to move such block down or insert lines above it, the cursos never reaches the beginning of the line.
Suppose I start editing a new narrative. I add a new “top movers” calculation and then add a “block for” element on the very first line in the editor. Could be a “block if” to the same effect.
Now suppose I want to add a description above/before that “block for”. I discover it is not possible to move the cursor to the beginning of the line, nor can I copy/paste the entire block to move it out of the way.
In a similar fashion, if I add a new line below such blocks, it’s not possible to remove it without inadvertently wiping the entire block.

Hi @fok666
Thank you for your feedback. We will review this. At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service.



As Vetri mentioned, we will look into improving this. I agree with you, cursor placement is tricky in the narrative editor today. I try to use the Up and Down arrows to get me to the beginning end which can help, and otherwise I find it’s best to type the text before/after where you want the code block to go, and then insert it in between. I know it’s not always possible especially if you started or ended your narrative with a block, but helpful in other scenarios :slight_smile:. Another random tip, when inserting IF blocks, I find it easiest to add the text I want to show if the condition is true, then highlight it, then insert the IF block and it will automatically go inside.

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Hi @GHvdRiet Did this get resolved for you? We hope so!

Nice tips, thank you! In general, I try to avoid the issue by placing any text at the beginning first, and then placing the If/FOR blocks. Most times I use that extra space for the title.