Narrative editor in QuickSight insights

Needing help with insights narrative in QuickSight. My insight is required to decide between the words “above or below” based on whether the value is above a certain metric or not. I am trying to follow the steps mentioned here, Walkthrough: Use the narrative expression editor - Amazon QuickSight, however, it’s not working. It keeps saying error in narrative. I am using it for top computation.
Below is the code I am using in insight narrative:

Top4.items[index].metricValue.value >0above

I have tried adding a space before the word above, spacing between > and 0, but no luck so far.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @miglanin

can you share screenshot of the expression … for us to check and suggest .


Hi @miglanin,

The narrative editor requires a For loop to iterate through the items in the list (using the [index] notation) when using the computations here. e.g.

Could you try placing your IF statement inside a For loop?


Thanks a lot, Andrew. This worked.